My plushie collection as of May 2012

The most impressive part of my collection, to me, are my slime plushies. They live in my apartment in two big toy hammocks hanging from the ceiling. The bulk of my collection are from the recent Smile Slime line, which was easy to stock up on because I spent a year studying in Japan from 2007-2008. But living in Japan also meant easy access to second-hand shops in Tokyo, where I bought a good number of older plush as well. I’ve visited Japan three times since my year abroad, and my slime collection has increased quite a bit each time. (Of course!)

As of 5/2013, the current plushie count is 72.

Let’s start with the Smile Slime guys. Most of them were bought at the Square Enix Shop or various shops in Akihabara or Nakano, in Tokyo, Japan. Some were also just bought at anime conventions in the United States! So you definitely don’t have to go overseas to start collecting slimes. 😀 The prices given are the Japanese prices when bought new at the Square Enix Shop, even if I bought them elsewhere. I think it gives the best sense of scale.


These three are the Small, Medium, and Large version basic blue slimes. Their prices at the Square Enix store were 580 yen, 1200 yen, and 2500 yen respectively. I brought the large one to the American Dragon Quest IV release event in Palo Alto, CA, in February 2011, and got it signed by the creator of Dragon Quest himself, Yuji Horii! Because of this, I guess that slime has become one of the best parts of my collection. 🙂 You can see the signature here. (堀井雄二さんが私のスライムぬいぐるみをサインしてくれたのです!)


Another nice little trio, here are my metal slimes. They were a little bit more expensive than the regular blue slimes, at 680 yen, 1300 yen, and 2800 yen for small, medium, and large. I really like the new material they use for metal slimes. Older ones are not nearly as shiny! These three guys also match their blue counterparts in size exactly.


Angel slimes! There is no L size angel slime as of now, so I’ve just got small and medium. Angel slimes only exist in the Monsters spin-off series, and are not featured in the main DQ series. These two were 800 yen for the small and 1500 yen for the medium, so even more expensive than the metal versions. I guess it has to do with the extra parts of halos and wings. 🙂


Bubble slimes are a lot of fun, because they are made like little beanbags. Like the angel slimes, they haven’t made a L size bubble slime yet. For these, the small size was 680 yen, and the medium was 1200 yen, so similar to the metal slime prices. I find it interesting that L size metal bubble slimes exist but as far as I know, no L size regular bubble slimes! Oh yes, random slime plush trivia that nobody cares about. 😉


Speaking of L size metal bubble slimes, here’s mine. He is pretty funny looking just for being so big and floppy, and made of a slippery material. He retails for 3800 yen, while his tiny S size buddy goes for 780 yen. Not too much of a price difference between the regular bubble slimes!



These guys are some of the biggest plushies in my collection, my L size King Slimes. Two of them I bought in Japan on separate trips, and had to bring them back as carry-ons on my flight! The Metal King Slime was bought at Anime Expo 2009, so it was a bit easier to get him home. The regular King Slime was 4500 yen, the Metal King Slime goes for 5250 yen, and the shiny King Slime goes for 5000 yen.


Here’s the M size version of the above three King Slimes! Haha. I finally bought the standard Smile Slime version of the M size King Slime in 2012, along with the shiny version, so now I’ve got a nice little crew. Shiny King Slime goes for 2500 yen, regular King Slime goes for 2000 yen, and the Metal King Slime I’ll have to update on later because I can’t find my pricing!


I’ve never seen an S size Metal King Slime, but these guys look pretty happy on their own anyway. I got the one on the left in 2007, and I believe he sold for 1000 yen. The shiny version goes for 1200 yen, bought in 2012. These guys are so funny. Such little round balls of King Slime!



I bought these Slime Knight plushies years apart, but they’re still part of the same set! They are L size and S size, 3500 yen and 1000 yen respectively. I am pretty sure there is an M size Slime Knight out there, but I could be remembering incorrectly. Best part about these guys is the shield detail, which can be seen here.



I wanted these guys forever. My favorite type of slime is actually a Cure Slime, which is an alternate color of these, Heal Slimes. I first spotted the little one (800 yen) in display windows in 2007, but could never find him for sale. I finally got him in 2010, along with the big guy (3500 yen). I like to pretend the big one is Healie/Hoimin from Dragon Quest IV. :3 He’s probably my favorite in the whole group.


These are the one of the newest types of slimes in Dragon Quest, Slime Towers from Dragon Quest IX. They’re called Slime Stacks in English but I heard the Japanese name first and I like it better! I got the little guy (1000 yen) in Japan but the big one (2800 yen) I had to find on eBay after I got back. Oddly, the bigger one is considered “M size”… I’m scared of what a large would be!


These two are the best. They are colors exclusive to the plush world, a sparkling pink! They were made for a special “Dragon Quest x Girls” event in 2010 that I actually missed out on, but then the Square Enix Shop started selling them! I was so pleased. Hehe. The M size was 1980 yen, and the S size was 980 yen. Little did I know that they had more sparkle plush planned….


Shiny slimes are so great! I got the left two here, L and M sizes, on my 2012 Japan trip. The S size was purchased off eBay much earlier, and now he finally has the other two sizes with him! I got the L size at a second hand shop and can’t find his regular price, but M size goes for 1500 yen and S size goes for 780 yen.



This guy is extra lonely now, because I bought the newer M size King Slime that matches the other ones better. What makes this one different is that he’s made of a kind of terrycloth towel-like material, and he pre-dates the current look for Smile Slime plush. I got this for my birthday in 2006, the year after he came out!



It’s Rocket! Sort of. This is the special slime released for Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3, aka Rocket Slime 3DS. I’ve never been able to find the earlier Rocket slime plushie for the 2nd game, so I’m pretty happy to have this guy now. Someday he’ll have his earlier released self, I hope.



What a sad lopsided set!! I have yet to find the M size yellow slime, so the S size yellow guy (580 yen) is all alone for now. S size green was the same price, and S size medium was 1200 yen. Those are the same prices as the regular blue versions of the same, since the only difference here is color! I love color variations though. <3


This is a Golden Slime, known as Gem Slime in English. These slimes are interesting to me as they were introduced in the Monsters series like Angel Slimes and some other odd ones, but then they put them in the main series starting with VII. As both the Japanese and English names imply, they give you lots of gold! But this S size little guy only cost 1100 yen. 😉


This type of slime, a Shell Slime, are basically the opposite of the Golden Slime above. They were introduced in the main series, but then stopped appearing there and became a staple of the Monsters series instead. This guy is an S size plushie, priced at 800 yen. Despite his looks, his shell is just as soft as his body. :3



Here are the best dressed slimes in my collection! They have those little bow-ties because they were made special for Dragon Quest’s 25th Anniversary. You can see the special design on their backs here. The golden one was a gift from a friend a few months before I was able to get to Japan and pick up the other two! These guys are slightly bigger than regular S size slimes.


That’s it for the Smile Slime plushies in my collection. The Smile Slime line of slime merchandise started in 2005. That means all of the below slimes are older than that! They are mostly from 2003 and 2004, and almost all of them were originally attained as UFO catcher prizes at arcades in Japan. Probably thanks to the Square Enix Store/Smile Slime line itself, there aren’t really many UFO catcher machines with slimes in them anymore. I got all of these either at second hand shops in Japan or buying from people online.


This was one of the first proper slime plushies ever in my collection. He’s pretty close to the M size Smile Slime plushies, but not quite. I don’t have any other slime of this material and in this size, so he sorta stands on his own! He was made in 2004, and I got him at a booth at FanimeCon 2006.



These two are even more similar to Smile Slime M size plushies. The UFO catcher collection they came from in 2003 included a blue slime and a Heal Slime, but I’ve yet to find them! They’re a knit material, which is very neat and different. I found the white one in a second hand shop in Japan, and the orange one I bought online.



Older Dragon Quest plushies are so great. Just look at this guy. He’s so tiny and squishy. I had him long before I got my Smile Slime heal slime plushies, but always thought he was so silly… I got him at a second-hand shop in Japan. He was originally a UFO catcher prize in 2003.


I found these two hanging on the ceiling of a second-hand shop in Nakano. There was also this highlighter yellow version hung up beside them, but I resisted because it was just too much. Even I have some restraint with slime merchandise! These two are the same size, but over the years they’ve deformed a little… They were UFO prizes in 2003.


Little UFO catcher slime party! I love these guys. They’re like little bean bags. They were all prizes in 2003. I am pretty sure there were more colors than this, too. I love my little slime rainbow. I’ve seen images of what the actual machines looked like, and it was seriously a Scrooge McDuck coin vault style pile of slimes.



These three are very similar to the group above, about the same size, and also prizes in 2003. But these guys are made out of vinyl. Yellow & white are holding up okay, but whatever blue vinyl they used back then isn’t quite as hardy. The blue guy here is starting to peel. 🙁 Also, man, 2003 was a good year for slimes in arcades, huh?!


These guys are stress balls, basically! I guess they don’t exactly count as plushies, but to me they do. I got the blue one on the left for playing the Dragon Quest VIII demo at Anime Expo 2005! I think the King Slime was a gift, and I believe I got the metal slime from an anime convention. It’s been a while!




This guy is all alone because he’s like a medium sized UFO plush, almost twice as big as the little colorful guys above. He’s also from a year later in 2004. I don’t remember what was part of his set, but I think he’s all I’ve got from it!



There is a whole Christmas themed set of slimes out there somewhere, but all I have is this Santa metal slime. He is a lot of fun, and one of the only old style metal slimes I have that isn’t made of the new more reflective material of today.





This Devil Slime was part of a UFO catcher set that included a matching Angel Slime. I have an old Angel Slime, but it’s from 2003 and this guy is from 2004. Not the same set! He’s fun because he’s just so different.






And here’s that Angel Slime! It’s my only non-Smile Slime version Angel Slime. Looks pretty different, including the fact that it’s a darker shade of pink. Someday I’d like to find the Angel Slime from 2004 that matches the Devil above!





Now we’re getting to some of the weirder slimes in my collection. This is a Tropical Slime from 2004. These slimes only appeared in Dragon Quest Monsters and nothing else. It looks like a funny coconut…




Still in progress! Last updated 5/16/13

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  1. I don’t have any slime plushies (because my mom doesn’t like to shop online or go to cons), but impressive collection you have here!
    (I live in Minnesota, so slime plush is hard to find here without importing.)

    • Thank you! Aww, well, someday when you can shop online I’m sure you’ll be able to get some good ones. 🙂 eBay has been plenty helpful to me!

    • Haha! I once had them facing the bed, but right now I have to turn around to see them. I do like to sometimes just look at them for a while, happily… 🙂

  2. Hi!

    I have a medium tower slime plush, and I’m wondering how I would go about washing it? He’s always been next to me in bed and he’s a bit scruffy now, and I want to give him a good ol’ wash but I’m not sure how to go about it haha.

    • You know, one of the slimes I got during my year abroad was pretty dirty (second-hand shop and all). One day my host mom washed it for me, and I assume she just used the washer and then dried it out, as there was no clothes dryer in the house. I came home to it super clean. Haha! I don’t want to be responsible for messing up your plush if it doesn’t work, but hand-washing it with a non-bleach detergent like you would clothing might do the trick!

        • Oof, sorry I never saw your message! I have to be better about keeping up with this page. It’s so out of date!

          I actually did order one of those, and have one in my possession now. It really is HUGE, and shipping to the US cost about as much as the plush on its own. @_@;;

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